Monday, February 21, 2011

The Woman Around the Bend

It was a cold night. My mother was driving us home from somewhere, their were babies crying in the backseat which made little sense because I am the eldest of only two children. My mother is singing crazy by Patsy Cline that was playing on the static of the radio.

I look over at my mother, I can only make out a side profile in the darkness. She is pregnant and large looking extremely close to her date of delivery. I am shocked by this since I have no idea how she became pregnant in a matter of seconds. She turns to me and says, "Honey, will you please quiet those children." I turn around in my seat to try and sooth the child directly behind me, but it only screams louder.

I then hear my mother whimper and say, "Oh my goodness, theirs a woman in the road!" I swivel my head to look keeping my hand on the infant in the backseat. We are rounding a turn, a turn I know very well. We're about to cross the bridge getting closer the the dark figure. The woman my mother and I are seeing has long white hair and wearing only a long black coat. Her pasty face appears in the headlights as she turns to face the approaching car.

I'm frightened and have a terrible feeling. I say to my mother, "Please let's not stop." She does not hear me and stops the car. I'm still trying to quieten the upset children.

My mother puts the car in park and opens the door, I watch nervously as she approaches the old lady. In a matter of seconds the old woman's face turns from pasty white and scared to demonic. She shoves my mother on the ground pulls a large butcher knife from her coat and cuts my mother's stomach open. I watch in horror as she pulls the baby from my mother's womb and runs off into the night laughing hysterically.


This is an account of what I remember from a dream I first had when I was 15 years old.

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