Monday, February 21, 2011

A Man, No Face

It is my wedding day. I realize this as I look down at my hands and see I am wearing a long white gown. A fog is around my face so at first I am unsure where I am. Then faces begin to take shape and I see my friends and family all around me. I'm in the entry way of a church. I hear a bell dinging above me, no doubt signaling my special day.

I see friends that I went to high school with, one standing out is my friend Sarah. She looks so different than I remember her. Sarah used to have long black glossy hair but now its cropped short with pink tips. On her arm is my first love, another strange observation since I always thought they hated each other. Sarah smiles and walks over to me I notice her breasts, they are large and fake! How bizarre.

I also see people who are high in social status. The governor, a few well do to politicians, and very rich looking celebrities. I must be marrying someone very important?

I am suddenly being pulled away and toward the double doors ahead of me. I look to my right and left and the crowd that was once around me has disappeared. I look down at my gown to see that my feet are moving me forward down an aisle. A beautiful red silk aisle runner covered with red and white roses unfolds under my bare feet. I keep my eyes down as I get closer to the end, I see stairs and my eyes slowly inch up a pair of long legs clad in tuxedo pants. I see his lapel and feel butterflies flutter in my stomach as I get closer to his face.

Lovely music plays and then I wake up, never knowing who my intended is.

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